Why Do I Paint?

"If I can make some beauty,
Bring some love into this world.
Then broken hearts can
Come alive again,
and love each other once more”

There is a lot of negative reinforcement at this time. Humanity has forgotten itself, forgotten its goodness. Underneath most of our tragic actions towards each other and the planet, is a deep amnesia, manifesting as persistent self hatred. Lost in the mind, we become slaves to our repetitive patterns, often times based in fear and trauma.

We forgot that when our hearts are broken, we deeply need each other to fully heal. Buried underneath generations of frozen, unexpressed grief, is our eternal light, just waiting to shine in excitement for life, love and creation again. This light is more powerful than anything that has or could happen to us.  

We are magical, eternal beings, full of creativity, made from love and capable of so much more than we are told.

I paint, sing and heal because I want humanity to remember the sweetness that lives deep inside of each and every person, and the innate connection we have to the magic of this planet, our Precious Mother Earth. 



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