How the Dream Animal Series Came to Be

One night, I dreamt I was in jail. I was alone, not knowing how I got there. Somehow a fawn walked in and slowly lay her head on my lap. She looked up at me and we made eye contact. I was drawn in and I couldn't stop looking. The softness and love in her eyes was so overwhelming, so pure, so sweet. It was consuming. I could feel my heart melting and opening. As my heart softened, the walls of the cell dissolved, and we found ourselves in the forest. When I woke up, her love still filled me. I never forgot that dream.

A year after that I heard the message loud and clear that I was to paint that deer! At the time, I wasn't painting, I was very busy, and also needing more money. I felt trapped in my life, and I didn't see how painting a deer was going to help. But I began, because when you hear that kind of message, you have to trust and just do it. As I painted, I felt my spirit coming back to me, I felt myself come alive! While everything else in my life felt stressful, time painting my deer was nothing but a joy. It took me a year to complete her.

By the time I finished, I heard another strong message..."It's time to move to the forest in Woodstock, New York!" For as long as I could remember,  I had always wanted to live in the forest in Woodstock, but I never seemed to be able to do it. It wasn't for lack of trying either. I had lived many place, but I was living in Miami, FL when I got that message. I was recently heartbroken and wanted to be anywhere but there, but with limited resources, I had no idea what do do about it. Nevertheless I listened, and miraculously everything I needed to move into a cottage in the Hudson Valley, New York fell into place. A few weeks later I moved. 

There are very few things I can be certain of in life, but moving to the forest was the best thing that ever happened to me. I left what felt like the prison of my life, and the life I had always imagined for myself began to open wide. Now I paint the animals of both my waking and sleeping dreams.  Now I see deer every day in my lawn!  Each time I see one I am reminded of the sweet fawn who called me home.

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